Decorating A Nursery

Ideas for Decorating A Nursery With Nursery Canvas Art

This is a real “in use” baby nursery decorated to stimulate a child’s curiosity!

You leave the doctors office and realize all at once that your world is about to change – a child is entering your life! Right away your mind races with all kinds of thoughts, and pretty soon you are excitedly coming up with ideas on how to decorate the nursery.

Ideas for decorating your child’s room start in your mind even before the child is born. You want to create a safe and attractive nest for them. Remember how it was when you were a child? How life was simple, beautiful and happy! [Read more...]

What’s Your Name?

What's Your Name

“What’s Her Name?” available in watercolor on canvas


Little children learn very early to identify with their names, and many friends will ask them: “What’s Your Name?” So, it is not very long at all before a very young child knows their name when it is called.

New Watercolor From the Nursery Art Series Introduced . . .

In this latest addition of my canvas art for hanging in a child’s room entitled: “What’s Her Name?” two little friendly ducklings are asking the little brown bear just what the name of  his little friend is. If you are wondering about the name of the little bear in this canvas, that is easy because I know that his name is “Razzie B Good.” However, his little rag doll friend is a different story. You might say that she is a little “Raggedy Ann” doll, but that is questionable, because she does not have a triangle for a nose, neither does she have a mouth. However, I am sure that a child would give this doll a name!

A Doll Or A Bear Is Easy For A Child To Get Attached To . . .

When one of my sons was very young, about three or four years of age, the musical “Raggedy Ann and Andy Adventure” would be aired on our television as a “special” usually around the holiday season. Little Chad fell in love with Raggedy Ann, and of course we had to get him a Raggedy Ann doll for a gift at Christmas. Wouldn’t you know it though, that Chad was very disappointed, because the doll did not talk like the one in the movie. However, Chad and “Rag” became fast friends when I would “talk for her.”

Here is the musical that my little son fell in love with:

One day, when Chad was upset about something that little children can get upset about; he would not talk to anyone about it. But, he would talk to his friend “Rag.” And so Raggedy Ann became not only a true friend to him, but also a helpful one too!

Where did “Raggedy Ann” come from? Well, my research tells me that Johnnie Gruelle created the doll with, and for his little daughter Marcella when she brought a handmade doll to him that he made a face on. Sadly, Marcella died at the young age of 13 after receiving a vaccination at school without her parents permission.

Names From The Bible, or From A Relative Used To Be Popular, But Times Are Changing . . .

It used to be that parents would name their children after a beloved relative, use names from the Bible, or get a little book of names to look through and talk to each other while “trying on different names.” Giving your child a name has seemingly taken a new twist today with parents, and that is: “They make the names up all by themselves.”  Many times they take a last name, or a surname, and make it the first name for their child. This is giving us a whole new generation of children with first names that most of us have never heard of before.

Well, you’ll have to decide what you think about all of this, but if your are a grand parent, you probably won’t have much to say about naming your grandchild anyway! But, you could purchase this nursery art canvas entitled “What’s Her Name?” as a gift for your grand child’s room where I am sure it would bring about some very interesting conversations where you could create some fun reasons for them to really like the name you gave to them.

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Remember, keep taking lots and lots of photographs of your kids. You will be glad you did!

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