6 Tips For Photographing Your Children

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by Betty A. Muscott

Who Should Photograph Your Children?

As a mother, grandmother and child photographer I have watched with wonder as our children have grown from tiny babies into adults and how they changed almost moment to moment. Today I am so glad I took the time to record those changes with my cameras.

It all started when I bought a Kodak StarMite camera from my babysitting money when I was a growing up, and my younger siblings https://iqoption.net/fintech-affiliate quickly became my favorite subjects. I would run around taking photos of them whenever I had any free time. Today we can look at those photographs and see how quickly everyone grew up and changed.

Parents and Grandparents are the best people to take photographs of their children and they should take the time to learn how to photograph them. They know the children best: their special looks, moods and how to get the child to respond to them.

With the digital camera technology available today it is very easy to take photographs of your children whether using your cell phone, small digital camera or a more advanced camera with interchangeable lenses and filters for special effects. Exposure does not present the same problem as with earlier cameras due to the automatic settings on most modern digital cameras. However, how to take an exceptional photograph of your child, one that will bring you special joy and a sense of having captured a lasting memory, is another matter.

All Parents Have The Potential To Take Excellent Photographs

We believe that all parents have the potential to become excellent photographers of their own children. After all, the motivation to do so is there, both in creating a history of the child, as well as to surround yourself and your home with images that https://iqoption.net/forex-affiliate bring you back to the day you took the photographs.

Parents are blessed with many opportunities to photograph their children because they are in the unique position of being with the child in every situation of their daily lives. Parents are in control of setting up special outings, carefully getting the children rested and dressed properly for the occasion, and ready to be photographed.

A Close Connection

Most important of all, parents have a special close connection with their children that allows them to create wonderful photographs of their children while interacting with them.

No doubt other people could photograph your children for you, but all you need to do is learn some basic photography tips and take them yourself. Only you have the knowledge of their special looks, movements and actions.

Parents know most of what they need to know, even using a simple point-and-shoot camera. Parents should not be scared by the technical aspects of digital cameras or computer programs.

Don't Let Fear Inhibit Your Creativity!

While fear can cause you to be apprehensive, understand that trying can bring new experiences and joy. No two children are alike, and each one is unique. So just go out, make it an adventure and have some fun. What you get will surprise you.

Imagine - wonderful photographs of your children have so many uses today. Create unique theme albums, load your pictures to an online website like iqoption.net/forex-affiliate Shutterbug to share, or have your photographs printed on canvas as a work of art to decorate your home or office.

Learn how to improve your photography skills just by learning to really see, and understanding a few basics of photography!
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Betty A. Muscott
Child Photogrpaher

taking pictures of children
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