Mourning Film. What’s at the Wake?

The time has come to replace my Canon SLR camera, my Rebel. I nearly cried last week when I took my film to get developed only to discover that my local one hour photo service had discontinued their wet lab services. I can, of course, send them away for developing, but if I can’t get it done locally, I can’t count on the send away service to last much longer. Maybe a few places will continue as a novelty, but with the amount of pictures I take I can’t afford novelty developing prices. No, the time has come to move into the future of photography.

I started making the transition to digital as soon as digital came out. I even have an Advantix APS camera from the nineties when that was supposed to be the next step in photography’s evolution. There are at least three digital cameras in the house now, but my Rebel is my fun camera. It has my macro and telephoto lenses and will do exactly what I want it to, the second I need it to. It is the camera I count on and it will be missed.
I went out to the local camera store to see what its successor would look like. There are better deals online, but I had to feel it in my hands to make such a weighty decision. I was thrilled to find that not only has the Rebel evolved
, it has evolved beautifully. Now, there are dozens of SLR cameras available, but Canon has always suited me the best, made my life easier. The choice was so simple I couldn’t believe it.
I came home, shopped around for the best deal on the model I’d chosen, and placed my order. My new Rebel practically jumped out of the box after the UPS delivery man put it in my hands. With barely a nod to its predecessor it dragged me outside to show me what it could do. Not only did it prove itself, it showed off its work in minutes as only digitals can do. No more waiting an hour, or a week, to see if I captured the shot. It is just a button away. Now that it is here I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. Have you laid your film to rest and explored the new world of photography? Don’t wait any longer, the time is now.

Mom & Aiden

Mom & Aiden


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