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January 21, 2010

When you are enjoying taking photos of your adorable baby, you might be thinking of capturing that smile and those sparkling eyes to look back on in the future. You are probably not thinking about paying for college and scholarship funds. But now you can combine the two with the latest online baby photo contest.

The Regis and Kelly Baby Contest 2010 offers a scholarship fund worth $125,000 as first prize, something that could make your baby’s future education secure and save you a lot of worries. And you have a chance of winning that prize. The deadline is the 29th January at 5pm Eastern time, so you have eight more days to capture the perfect shot of your beautiful baby.

While the photo contest is about how cute your baby is, an important factor is your skills as a photographer. Judges are not looking for professional studio portraits, but they do look for good complimentary lighting, good composition and sharp focus: all the things that show off how cute your baby really is and make a satisfying portrait. They also look for photos with an intimate happy feel, so if you can capture your baby in a happy mood relating directly to you behind the camera, you are on the right track.

This contest is for children from the age of 6 months to 48 months on January 5th 2010. You must be resident in the US or Canada.

Guidelines for the photo itself state that the photo must be recent, taken within the past month. It must not have been taken by a professional photographer, but you may use lighting and photographic techniques to get the best photo possible. If you are submitting a photo to this contest, check the format and size requirements first. A simple precaution like this will make sure your photo gets through to the judging stage and has a chance to win.

So look through all the photography tips on our site,  take a quick online photography course,  grab your camera and your baby and start photographing now. You could win a fantastic prize and, even if you don’t win, you’ll have a beautiful selection of photos to put in your baby album and remember these precious times forever. Look out for other baby photo contests to enter your best photos into, as there are several more worth entering. Just make sure that you don’t enter the same photo into more than one competition, or it could be disqualified. If you take plenty of photos you should get loads of great ones and plenty of choice.

Mum and Photographer

Mum and Photographer

Take More Photos This Year and Enter An Online Baby Photo Contest

January 5, 2010

A new year is here and the kids are already back at school in many places, Christmas trees are being taken down and the holidays are but a memory, as we look forward into a fresh year, full of good resolutions to make a difference. If you are looking to improve your photography this year a simple resolution will do: I resolve to take more photos this year. The more photos you take the more you will improve. One way to give yourself motivation to do this is to enter an online baby photo contest every month.

There are many competitions online that ask you to send in pictures of your kids. Some of them are just barely concealed attempts at advertising a product, but a few of them have genuine prizes and are worth entering regularly. If you want a chance to win $1000 each month with your cutest photo of your child or baby, then the CuteKid Photo Contest is the one to go for. Not only does it have great prizes but you have a chance that your child will be spotted by national casting agencies, who are always on the look out for new faces.

The standards of photography are quite high, so you can help yourself have a better chance to win by following an online photography course, or just by reading through some of our photography tips elsewhere on this site. Use this contest as a reason to take lots of photos of your baby or child every month, trying to experiment with different natural light situations as you go. You’ll learn so much about what makes a great photograph just by doing this. Make it fun for your child too so that you have a good chance of getting a brilliant smile and a laughing light in their eyes.

When it comes to portraits the most important element is the eyes. Eyes must be in sharp focus even if the rest of the face falls away into soft focus. Reflected light in the eyes also makes a portrait come alive, so concentrate on getting a wonderful picture of your kids with eyes shining. Take loads of photos in different situations, after all it doesn’t cost a thing on digital, and then send in your best photo to a photo contest this month. Enter every month for a year and see what happens. At the very least you’ll have lots of gorgeous portraits of your child to share with the family.

Mum and Photographer

Mum and Photographer

Great American Baby Photo Contest

December 23, 2009

TonjaDo you have the cutest baby in America? Now is your chance to find out on the Great American Baby Photo Contest website. This is a fun, free way to share your baby’s picture or to look at other cute babies in America. The website launched in 2006 by a father who loves taking pictures of his two girls. In the spirit of friendly competition contestants are voted on by the public which has logged into the website. The contestant with the most votes will win $2,500.00.

How to Enter
So you are ready to show America that your baby is the cutest? First you need to create an account so you can log into the website. You will need to confirm your email address to have an account. The website states that this is to help prevent fraud in the voting process. The account is free and you need one if you are entering the contest or even to vote. Once you are log in you can upload up to 6 photos of your child but remember each photo is voted on separately. Your child must be between the ages of 0-48 months old to qualify for the contest. Only the parent or legal guardian who is over the age of 18 can submit photos of the child. The contest administrators do review each photo before allowing it to be posted for viewing. You must own the photo or have the rights to use the photo. The photo cannot be altered or you will be disqualified. Once your photo is approved, they will post your photo as a finalist for the month. You can a link to email family and friends that you have entered the contest so they can vote. A voter must be over the age of 18, a US resident and in a state that is allowed by law. Each contest is one month long as long as they receive 2,500 entries. If they do not receive enough entries they will roll those pictures into the next month’s contest but everyone’s prior votes are deleted for the new contest. You can vote once a day for your favorite photo. Are you wondering how they can afford to give away $2,500 per contest? They have sponsors that offer the money for the contest in exchange for advertising on the website. You are under no obligation to complete the offers by these companies. If there is a tie the prize money will be split among the winners.

Make sure to check out this contest and all the rules. This is an easy way to enter your child in a beauty contest without all the fuss.

Enter A Cute Baby Photo Contest For Fun To Improve Your Photography Skills

October 6, 2009

Now summer is definitely over and the leaves are turning, our kids are back at school and there seem to be fewer opportunities for taking photographs of our children. All the vacation snaps are a distant memory; we’ve shared them with our family, perhaps had a few prints made. But fall shouldn’t mean putting our cameras away until the holiday season gears us up again. Babies and children grow so quickly that a couple of months can make a big gap in our photo albums. To give you a motivation to keep photographing your kids, why not commit to entering a cute baby photo contest every month.

Cute baby and kid photo contests are usually free to enter and offer all sorts of prizes and opportunities. The biggest ones are used by talent scouts to find new child models for advertising campaigns and movies. But you don’t need to have an ambition for your child to be the next Dakota Fanning to enter a photo contest. Enter just for fun, as a reason to take plenty of photos of your baby and improve your photography skills.

When you start looking at the winning entries from past months you will start to get a feel of the elements of a successful child portrait. Of course the cuteness of the child does play a part, but the difference between a winning photo and an also ran will usually lie in the photography rather than the model. Look at how the light falls on the child’s face; is it harsh sunlight that makes the child screw their eyes up? Probably not; winning photos usually have soft reflected light that makes the child’s skin look luminous but doesn’t cast dark shadows.

See if you can recreate those lighting conditions yourself. If your children are willing models, get them to move around; position them, one at a time in different places around your home and garden. Try photographing them with their back to the sunlight; take photos on a rainy day; stand them side on to a white wall that reflects light back on them; photograph them inside, standing beside a big window that lets in lots of indirect light. Take several pictures in each different place and note down where you took each set of pictures and at which time of day. Then look at them all on your computer. Maybe you will have caught a brilliant picture already, but if you haven’t, look at each photo and see which places have the best light.

Next time you and your child feel like a photo session, return to those places and take loads more photos until you have caught a winning expression on your child’s face in gorgeous, soft light, which may well get you into the finals of a cute kid photo contest.

Mum and Photographer

Mum and Photographer

Free Your Child To Be Himself For Great Pictures To Enter In A Photo Contest

September 21, 2009

As you sort your scrapbook photos into their themed pages grab a few of those fantastic snapshots and enter them into a free child photo contest. I’ve just been getting around to doing mine as fall rolls in and the evenings get longer. I’ve found a great contest site with monthly themes. I’ve already missed entering some really cute summer fun pictures, but Halloween is my favorite time of year and I am getting ready to load up some truly adorable costumes.

I just love Halloween; the costumes, the decorations, the candy. It doesn’t get much better than make believe on a sugar rush. To sweeten the deal FaerieCon is the very next weekend in Baltimore, so I have even more excuses to assemble fun costumes for myself and my little one. I have more pairs of wings than sunglasses, so the only difficulty is picking which ones to wear and trying to convince my friends to dress up with me.

I had three costumes last year for my son’s first Halloween. I spent hours propping Aiden on the couch in different outfits surrounded by pumpkins and candy. At a mere two months old the challenge was keeping him upright, now the challenge is to catch him. Getting good pictures is a full time endeavor. I may lose my keys on a daily basis but I always know where my camera is.

If Halloween isn’t your thing, there is still a wide variety of other themes to choose from. You can enter those holiday photos at the end of the year and the pictures of your little ones helping you in the kitchen as the year begins. Even if you don’t have more creative display plans for your pictures you can order photo books and other products from the contest websites with the pictures you enter.

In the long run it is actually a time saver, whether you use it to order a quick scrapbook or use the themes to inspire you in more hands on projects. Plus, there is the added bonus of the thrill of the contest with a variety of prizes should your photo win. Enter today, tomorrow, and next year, whenever you have a photo that fits the headline load it up, it’s free, fast, and fun.

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