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After a successful surgery, Josiah hugs his friend!

A Desperate Call From A Grandson

We had turned off the cell phone for the first couple of days of the Memorial Day Holiday, but when we turned it back on we got the message. Our grandson Josiah White, age 8, had called regarding the need for Grandma Nana to help heal his dog.

So arrangements were made to bring the dog to our home, and as the preparations for the surgery were made specific instructions were given to the surgery staff.

Surgery At The White House

Anesthesia would be required as the wound to the animals neck went almost all the way from below his ear to his nose. Serious wound, this! Josiah (our grandson) was to hold the animal and keep him still during surgery. He placed the animal upon a pink blanket and held him tightly, comforting him as Nana prepared him for the surgery.


Quickly he was asleep, and the wound cleaned and stitched with the skill only a grandmother knows. Wiping the blood from around the wound, Josiah watched with careful eyes and interest as the surgery came to a close. Done at last they waited for the animal to regain consciousness.

Soon a slight whimper could be heard as the dog slowly regained awareness of his surroundings. The bandage on his neck caused some minor discomfort, but quickly disappeared as dog and boy were reunited, and all was well with the world once again.

Lest you worry that Nana is practicing medicine without a license, you should know that the dog is a stuffed animal named Harley, a treasured friend of our grandson.

And so it goes around the White house, where all kinds of adventures are to be had by young and old alike. And what a great opportunity to take a picture, upload it to an online photography website to share with family and friends. Or, after you have invested all of this energy to both have some fun with your grandchild, and come up with some creative photo ideas, why not make a very special photo book that tells the story of your adventures and give it to the parents as a gift!

Creative Photos Are Wonderful Opportunities To Experience Joy!

As you interact with your children look for opportunities like these to stretch their imagination, and involve them in the process and the fun. Play along with them, and they will play along with you! You will be amazed at the great photographs you can get of your child as a result of this adventure. You are likely to get some very creative photos that you will want to turn into art and then put on a canvas!

Creative photography is a skill that is worth working at with your little ones, because it yields many wonderful rewards for you and for your family. Until next time keep your camera ready, and your eyes wide open for the next child photography opportunity!

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