Away Too Long

May 3, 2010

I apologize for being away so long, but we had a new arrival in the family which has taken a bit of my time and had unexpected consequences.

Our daughter gave birth to our 3rd grandchild, a lovely little girl, the second grand daughter for us. Our older grand daughter is nearly 11, and while just a cousin she demands to be involved with her little cousin.

I suppose it is the desire of all young girls to learn about babies, but as soon as the new grand daughter arrived she insisted on coming to our home whenever we were taking care of the new born, and when she arrives after school she takes her little cousin and wants to learn everything about taking care of a baby.

What a delight to see the interest, and even her brother has taken a little interest in his new cousin, and what a wonderful experience for us all.

So, more adjustments in my life to care for little ones, and now that I have a routine down I will return to my daily blog without fail. So keep coming back as we explore the world of photographing children with our digital cameras.



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