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January 21, 2010

When you are enjoying taking photos of your adorable baby, you might be thinking of capturing that smile and those sparkling eyes to look back on in the future. You are probably not thinking about paying for college and scholarship funds. But now you can combine the two with the latest online baby photo contest.

The Regis and Kelly Baby Contest 2010 offers a scholarship fund worth $125,000 as first prize, something that could make your baby’s future education secure and save you a lot of worries. And you have a chance of winning that prize. The deadline is the 29th January at 5pm Eastern time, so you have eight more days to capture the perfect shot of your beautiful baby.

While the photo contest is about how cute your baby is, an important factor is your skills as a photographer. Judges are not looking for professional studio portraits, but they do look for good complimentary lighting, good composition and sharp focus: all the things that show off how cute your baby really is and make a satisfying portrait. They also look for photos with an intimate happy feel, so if you can capture your baby in a happy mood relating directly to you behind the camera, you are on the right track.

This contest is for children from the age of 6 months to 48 months on January 5th 2010. You must be resident in the US or Canada.

Guidelines for the photo itself state that the photo must be recent, taken within the past month. It must not have been taken by a professional photographer, but you may use lighting and photographic techniques to get the best photo possible. If you are submitting a photo to this contest, check the format and size requirements first. A simple precaution like this will make sure your photo gets through to the judging stage and has a chance to win.

So look through all the photography tips on our site,  take a quick online photography course,  grab your camera and your baby and start photographing now. You could win a fantastic prize and, even if you don’t win, you’ll have a beautiful selection of photos to put in your baby album and remember these precious times forever. Look out for other baby photo contests to enter your best photos into, as there are several more worth entering. Just make sure that you don’t enter the same photo into more than one competition, or it could be disqualified. If you take plenty of photos you should get loads of great ones and plenty of choice.

Mum and Photographer

Mum and Photographer

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