Express Yourself with a Photo Printed on Canvas

September 22, 2009

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Creativity is important in our lives for self-expression and feeling fulfilled. Everyone needs some form of outlet for their creativity, and often our first thought is that we have to be good at art to be creative. But art isn’t just about tubes of paint and daubing still life scenes onto canvas. Photography is an art form that is open to all of us, even if we haven’t mastered the use of a paintbrush or pastels. By taking pictures of the important elements of our life, we can express ourselves just as creatively and we can even have our prized photo printed on to canvas for our very own masterpiece.

How can you be creative with photography, I hear you ask, when all you are doing is recording a scene? Well, you are doing more than that. You are interpreting the scene from your own perspective. You are choosing the angle you shoot from, the way the light falls on the subject, what you include and what you leave out of your photo. When you are taking photos of your kids it is the artist in you that sets the scene, decides to take photos against a backdrop of greenery or with a view in the distance. It is an art catching the fleeting expressions that cross your child’s face, and grabbing the moment when their personality illuminates their features in a glowing smile.

It is an art to use the light to soften hard angles, to get a halo of sunshine around your child’s head with a backlit photo. Your camera is your canvas and light is your paintbrush. Two different people taking a photo of the same child in the same surroundings will produce completely different pictures. Your own creativity has more effect than you think on your photography.

Of course you can get even more creative if you learn to find your way around a program like Photoshop. Then you can work on your image, reduce or increase the contrast, change the color balance and a whole lot more. But it is still a very creative process taking the photo in the first place and you can be proud of yourself when you capture that perfect picture of your children. Proud enough to want to display your photo on your walls and get it printed as a top quality canvas print, which will enhance the photo even more, giving depth to the colors and preserving it for posterity, just like an oil painting.

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