Photo Rivals

July 1, 2009

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My husband, Joshua, and I maintain a friendly rivalry when it comes to photography. He insists that he is the better photographer even though I bought him his first camera. I don’t take it personally though; he also thinks that he is a better cook even though his best efforts almost always include frozen pizza. When we do debate it, the contention point is usually equipment versus skill. Joshua has always been fond of the shiniest new gadget; he even beat me to digital cameras, thinking that it would give him an instant advantage. Of course, that was back when the best camera was five mega pixels and photographers everywhere were swearing that digital would never replace film.

I’ve seen a disposable camera catch phenomenal moments and I’ve seen a photographer with ten thousand dollars worth of equipment on location rely on an auto focus feature that resulted in crystal clear pictures of the insects buzzing between him and the bride and not one decent shot of the wedding party. That is to say that while a good camera is great it will only take you so far, especially if you don’t know what you are aiming at.

Josh only photographs on special occasions, it’s nice when we come home from vacations and have more than double the pictures to choose from. His photos do come out really well, but he does not share my daily passion to capture life moment by moment. Luckily for me, he affords me at least a little patience as I pop my camera out of my back pocket and snap twenty photographs of my son excitedly riding in a shopping cart while we grocery shop.

I know that my ever present camera drives him a little crazy, but I’m his wife, that’s my job. He may tire of the flash firing, but he really appreciates it when I can email him pictures at work of our son’s sweet smile that he is missing. He used to joke that our son would be the first to be flash blinded before he even left the hospital and that the other mothers would think that there were paparazzi in the nursery. Now he doesn’t even bat an eye that I had to get another hard drive to hold all the photos of our ten month old little boy. Like me he realizes that every moment is precious and if at least one of us manages to capture it to savor and share then we are very lucky parents.

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