Will You Enjoy The Things Children Do?

September 26, 2009

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Last week I wrote about a little boy called Troy that I cared for nearly ten years who is now a young man almost grown. My husband and I hope that our time with him will always be a positive influence on his life and give him strength and direction as he moves through his life and faces the challenges that come to all of us.

Little Troy Playing in the Laundry Basket

Little Troy Playing in the Laundry Basket

When Troy was with us, I kept my camera always ready, and tried to photograph many of the neat things that he did. Some of these pictures will provide him with a window into his world that he never would have otherwise known about. After all that’s what makes us truly unique and human are those many special moments. They all add up to the window to our heart and soul. Troy certainly has one kind and giant heart!

Some of the really unique things that Troy did happened when we took him to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I remember that he carried a little change purse with some change in it for a souvenir. Troy went to a booth with souvenir hats for sale and chose a “Goofey” hat that he wanted to purchase.

Troy with Sock in Mouth

Troy with Sock in Mouth

There was a crowd of people around the booth, and little five year old Troy was somewhere in the middle of all these people reaching into his little change purse to pay for this hat that costs about $15.00. Then I saw his little hand hold up the change as he said “Here, I’ll pay for it!” I remember that I almost had tears in my eyes as he innocently did this. Of course, his Uncle John made up the shortfall.

Toward the end of his trip with us Troy had a special breakfast scheduled with Mickey & Minnie Mouse. He had been really looking forward to this breakfast and spending time with Mickey & Minnie. Our table was on a circular platform that was about two steps higher than where Mickey and Minnie were mingling with the other children. As soon as Troy spotted them, he waved his arms frantically and shouted “Mickey, Minnie, I’m over here!!!”

After Mickey and Minnie finally made their way to our table, and Troy got to give both of them lots of hugs, we asked Troy “Now that we are leaving Disney World soon, what do you think of your trip?” Troy’s answer was: “I think my friends will miss me!!”

Goofy and Troy Compare Ears

Goofy and Troy Compare Ears

It may be a lot of trouble to pack up and take a nice camera with all the necessary accessories on an airplane today. All the additional rules have sure changed our lives and even become burdensome. However, don’t let those inconveniences keep you from recording those special moments with your children. Remember that it’s not about what you will see at the parks, but it IS about the relationships that you will build.

Photograph them to remember and to share!

Best Friends

Best Friends

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer


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