Photographing Toddlers

March 11, 2010

The definition of a toddler is when a baby grows into activity and movement. They are very responsive to words, toys and stimulation. They quickly move from shaky standing and moving to ambling along at the speed of light. They need to be in a safe environment where they are able to move freely and explore their world.

During this period there is tremendous growth and change. Their moods change quickly, they are willful but lack skill. As they grow they become frustrated because they see what they want to do but can’t do it. They get frustrated and often misbehave.

When you are photographing a toddler you need to figure out whether another parent or sibling in the photo would be an asset or a liability. Using the peek-a-boo or blowing kisses technique sometimes work well to get their attention and the look you want. Clucking the tongue or whistling can also work sometimes.

Toddler In Motion

Toddler In Motion

Now, you will have a problem getting a toddler to sit still, and if they do it won’t be for long! They are exploring their world, and they want to get on with it. So it is important to be ready to move quickly, snap a lot of pictures, and follow the toddler on their latest adventure.

Sometimes you can put them up on a couch, or an the sill of a window where they will stay still because they don’t want to fall. Benches and tables work well also. Another technique is to find their favorite toy and get them involved with it like the toddler on the right while you snap away.

However you choose to photograph your toddler it will be a challenge, but the results are well worth the effort. Your child is growing so rapidly that if you don’t take the time to photograph them that stage will be over and gone before you know it.

Some of the more interesting photographs come from taking pictures of toddlers as they discover their world.

Remember, keep taking lots and lots of photographs of your kids. You will be glad you did!

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer

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