Sweet Dreams

July 6, 2009

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Is there anything more peaceful than a sleeping child? I can easily get lost in my son’s sleeping face. Then there is the myriad of positions he can unconsciously bend into that would make a yoga master weep with envy, and the wonderfully vivid expressions that hint at what his dreams hold. All too often I find myself forfeiting my own z’s because I am so absorbed in his.

The photos of my little sleeper started early, back in the days when he slept most of the day away. Recently I started assembling some “Sweet Dreams” scrapbooking pages and I began flipping through his ten month history of photos to find the best ones. Once the pile on the floor beside me became a tower I realized that a page or two would require some unrealistic editing. The projected pages transitioned into a scrapbook all their own.

In an effort to keep it simple and yet a little more involved than a photo album I printed the lyrics of my son’s favorite lullabies in complimenting colors and tucked them in beside the photos. I absolutely love how beautiful this particular scrapbook came out, and how quickly it came together. After I had chosen the photos, I assembled it in one evening.

When we look at it together, Aiden is partial to the pictures where he is sleeping snuggled against his Mom or Dad. I often glance at it through the day just to catch a moment of serenity in my busy life. It’s strange that sleep takes up at least a third of each day of your life, if you are lucky, and yet it is rare to photograph it, especially past infanthood.

My son is the embodiment of so many of my dreams for the future; I can’t help but be curious about what passes beneath his closed eyes. Snap a few photos at your child’s next naptime and if you think the flash might wake them in the evening you can always plug in a nightlight and crank up your camera’s ISO. If glancing at your child’s smile makes you happy then peeking at their sleeping faces will give you peace.

Photograph Your Child

Photograph Your Child

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