Top Photographing Children Tips

October 28, 2009

TonjaEveryone who has children or want to take pictures of children knows that children can be unpredictable. Being unpredictable can be frustrating, but it does not have to be. Use the top photographing children tips next time you grab your camera.

Have Fun
Children can often feel your frustration so relax for your sake and theirs. Remember when children reach walking age and beyond they are up and consistently on the move. Do not expect them to sit for long periods of time for posed photos. Posed photo often look unnatural and are fine when the occasion calls for it. I think everyone has experienced when a child gets to be a certain age and knows the camera is on them they make silly faces. Keeping children busy, whether it’s props or toys, helps them relax and forget about the camera. This also helps you associate what the kids are enjoying during this time in their life. Included their friends to help capture their childhood moments and they will be able to look back at who they knew. You can even have the children take pictures to tell a complete story. When taking pictures of children on the move being able to take continuous photos can help you get just the right picture. If you camera has a sports or action mode use it during this time. If you have a camera shy child or a camera who acts up for the camera, then downplay the camera. Get involved with what the kids are doing but be ready to take photos at a moments notice. Taking pictures at a moments notice is excellent advice for the teenager who does not want to stand around to have their picture taken. The use of a zoom lens if you have a DSLR camera or just the zoom on a point and shoot can take you out of their element for the natural shots.

On their level
Since children are all different heights, it is important to get on their level. We all have probably seen a picture of a child taken from adult height. The picture doesn’t usually show the child in the best way, maybe the top of their head is mainly in the picture or they look smaller then they are. Getting down on their level helps you focus on their world. The picture is more natural and contains backgrounds from their height. Take the time to focus on the child’s eyes. This draws people in when looking at a photo. Pictures taken of different body parts can capture a mood or illustrate how they are growing.

Since most of us, now have a digital camera or you can take pictures on your cell phone you can take lots of pictures. We now have the ability to delete the unwanted pictures and pick and choose the photographs we want to share.

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