Turning An Imperfect Photo Into A Perfect Personalized Picture Gift

August 31, 2009

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Have you ever taken the perfect picture of your child, captured their best smile and twinkling eyes only to discover later that there is something hideous in the background. When I have it I will put in the time with photo editing software to make it usable for display or as a personalized picture gift. Silly me, I should have checked online to see if someone does that for you, because they do.

You can upload a picture and they will redesign it to perfection, pulling the people out of the photo and placing them on the background of your choice. Currently the service is free with the standard photo products to choose from like cards, puzzles and mugs. If you have something else you want to use the perfected photo for there is a nominal fee for the download.

As a mother to an unbelievably active one year old I am constantly weighing what will fit into the budget against what will save me time. This service is like steam in the bag vegetables, a few pennies more but the microwave is doing all the work instead of me; you can’t turn that down. They even take all the guesswork out of how your picture will look when it is on a product with a cute little video illustrating the step-by-step.

I borrowed a photo of my little nephew that I rarely see to make a holiday gift for his parents. He is absolutely adorable in the picture, but the pack and play and all his toys in the background were very distracting. Luckily, I found this dazzling website before I sat down and did the edit myself and they did a fantastic job.

There are so many photostyles to choose from that you can make your pictures into any expression of yourself that you want. It’s like always shooting in a photo studio with your choice of interchangeable backgrounds. They eliminate all of my clutter without cleaning, if I could get them to do the same to my house before my mother-in-law visits life would be perfect.

These days there is a service website for everything, you just have to think to look for it. When it comes to pictures of your children, each one deserves to be perfect, even if you don’t have the time or skill to make it so. Hurry and check it out while it is still free.

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