Where Are The Bees?

August 22, 2009

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Well, it was that time of the year again, so off to the Huckleberry Raildroad we went, grandchildren in tow. We got lucky this time. It was a nice overcast day, so the lighting was great for taking photographs.

It had rained early on so not many people were there, another break for the photographer. It is hard some times to get just the right picture when there are a lot of people who seem to care little for the efforts of a photographer.

Another lucky break – “Thomas The Train” wouldn’t be there until the next day, so the crowds held off and we pretty much had the village to ourselves. A quick ride on the train, and then we could stroll through the village. It was a little windy, so we couldn’t take a ride on the paddle wheel boat, but it didn’t matter. Plenty to do anyway.

Where Are The Bees?

Where Are The Bees? (Click on image to make larger)

Jennifer and Josiah found a flower bed, and they could hear the bees buzzing around, collecting nectar for the hive. Not to be missing anything, they bent down to find these tiny little honey bees doing their work.

Pretty soon they could see lots of bees working very hard, preparing for the winter and flying off with their gifts for the Queen bee.

Notice the Osh Kosh outfits? See the bright colors?

If you want to get truly interesting photos of your children then think about the activities they will be involved with when you take a short day trip, and spend some time deciding on how to dress them. They say for adults the clothes make the person; why not for kids too?

You can also see that the soft light of an overcast day has given the photograph a gentle look, and that their faces can be clearly seen. If it had been bright sunlight then some fill flash would have been required to remove the shadows from their faces.

A bit of planning, some patience, pre-leading your subjects and you too can capture some great photographs of your children!

Remember, take lots of pictures!

Child Photographer Betty Muscott

Child Photographer Betty Muscott


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