Personalized Photo Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Christmas is over, we’ve cleared away the tree and breathed a sad but relieved sigh that life is back to its dull old routine. No more gifts to buy… but is that true? February isn’t that far away and with it another gift giving day. What are you planning on giving your partner for Valentine’s Day? If you haven’t thought about it yet there is still plenty of time to come up with a special and thoughtful gift. Open up your photo files and then scan the internet for some personalized photo gift ideas.

Here are six gift ideas that leapt from the screen for inexpensive and fun photo gifts for the special person in your life:

1.  A photo mug with a heart design – OK, so a mug isn’t very original… but we all use them and you can get some very pretty designs and interesting shapes these days!

2. A mousepad with a photo of you both framed in a heart – It’s another everyday item, but again something that your partner will see every day and which is bound to make them smile.

3. A beautiful cherry wood keepsake box with a photo inlaid on the lid. Put a special photo of you both or of the kids and it will be the perfect place to store precious memories and keepsakes.

4. A silver charm bracelet with a miniature photo charm on it. You can add more charms onto it as you like, perhaps you could add one every year, or else make one charm for each of you and each of the kids, so that the whole family is collected together in a gorgeous miniature photo gallery.

5. A sterling silver photo locket with a monogram on the outside and a photo inside. This could be a wonderful personal gift for the love of your life.

6. If your partner is a wine lover, then buy a very special bottle of wine and make it personal with a wooden photo wine box. Choose a photo of you both to slide into the front of the wooden box with a special message.

For standard shipping, most of these gifts need to be ordered by the end of January, so you still have plenty of time to go through your photo files and create the perfect gift for your partner in time for Valentines Day.

Mum and Photographer

Mum and Photographer


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