Putting Your Pictures On To Canvas Ensures That Your Memories Will Last A Lifetime.

October 19, 2009

I am no stranger to putting pictures on to canvas, but when I saw the word Tyvek on the website I had to check it out. Long before my pictures were gracing my walls or anyone else’s I would awaken at four thirty in the morning to eat breakfast before I left for work. My whole family is in construction so most days I would drive at least an hour to work almost always in a house wrapped in Tyvek.

If ever I had any questions regarding the durability of my photo canvas creations they went out the window when I discovered that one of the main companies that manufactures the canvas on which my photos are printed also makes the material that is so durable that they wrap houses in it before they add the siding. In fact they also offer the Tyvek up for inkjet printing to make ultra durable outdoor signs and banners.

I find photography more satisfying than the drywall finishing that I did for nearly a decade, although I do take pride in the fact that I can fix most minor home hiccups myself. While my skills in drywall make my surroundings strong and beautiful, my skills in photography lend strength and beauty to my memories as well as my surroundings.

Having a precious moment in your life on display where it can brighten your day bolsters that memory until its strength is unshakable. In a world where Alzheimer’s is striking before retirement, archiving a photo in a box isn’t enough. Displays like canvases and photo collages are the foundation of archiving those memories in your mind. I would happily lose my keys everyday if I never forget the day my son was born.

Plus, if it is out for all to see, it is easy to share the memories with friends and family. Pass on photos and stories like traditions and they will never be lost. What do you want your legacy to look like? My great-grandmother made the most amazing gravy, a recipe that endures unchanged to this day, but there is not one surviving photograph of her. In this day and age where there is even a camera in your phone, make sure your legacy is one of happy and enduring memories.

Every construction company that I’ve ever worked with has trusted Tyvek to keep out the wind and rain and ensure the safety of the house in progress. If it is sturdy enough to build your house with, it is durable enough to entrust your memories to. Start with one photo, a moment that you want to endure all the tests of time and go from there. Soon you will be surrounded with beautiful memories that grow stronger every day.

Christy Higby

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