There Is No Age Gap Between The Unborn And Baby Photo Contest Genre, Enter As Soon As You See The Second Blue Line.

August 24, 2009

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My baby boy, Aiden, turns one year old tomorrow. I can’t believe how time flies. One year ago this very minute I was begging a doctor to admit me and start my epidural. Twenty hours later I finally got to hold my beautiful baby boy. While I was collecting pictures to display at his party I came across many of my pregnant belly that filled the gap in my memory about the unborn baby photo contest I entered.

I think pregnancy is a beautiful, magical time. It thrills me that they hold pregnant belly contests; it’s a real moral booster. I watched my previously twenty-five inch waist expand to a whopping forty-eight, if it weren’t for the sweet adoration that most people give that growing bump I would have cried even more as I outgrew the maternity clothes meant to house it.

My husband took pictures all through nine month waiting period, but around month six I found a very amusing contest that encouraged entrants to compare their bump with their spouses. I had already asked my mother for a photo shoot of us so we could show our son how we happily awaited him. After dozens of photos I convinced my husband to bare his belly against mine, resulting in our very favorite photo from that time.

Bumping bumps.

Bumping bumps.

In fact, my aunts displayed a very large copy at my baby shower and just about everyone begged for their own copy. I even entered it into the contest, but the winner’s had a photo where their bellies matched inch for inch. There are other great traditions for pregnant belly as well, decorating it or making a cast, they are all just fascinating.

How many contests can you enter with a popped out belly button and pants that won’t zip? Not many. If you run across one, whether you are barely showing or about to burst, enter and show off the little one that is on its way.

Just like with the baby, every day provides new and wonderful opportunities to capture memories. You may not think right now that you will want to remember the days when you didn’t fit behind the steering wheel, but trust me someday you will. Even if it’s not until your own little one is having a baby, you still have to take the picture today before the moment is gone.


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