Did You Take A Photo Of A Christmas Tree?

photo of a Christmas tree

A real Fraser fir Christmas tree decorated in a Victorian theme!

A photo of a Christmas tree is a reminder of special family time for many people, so I hope you didn’t throw it out without taking a picture of it!

But, if you did take a picture of your Christmas tree, are you disappointed with it? Well maybe you are.

So Here Are A Few Tips For Better Success:

  • Put your camera on a tripod to stabilize it.
  • Take your pictures in the RAW so that you can process each one exactly as you want to.
  • Attach a dedicated off-camera flash unit and turn it “on” using the automatic mode.
  • Set your cameras mode to “Aperture Priority” and use a small f-stop (f/16) for greater depth of field.
  • Focus carefully and expose for the darker light on the Christmas tree.
  • Be very careful when pressing the shutter so as to not cause any movement with the camera during exposure.
  • Without moving either the tripod or the camera, take another picture while exposing for the bright light coming through the window.
  • Do not allow any stray light to find its way through the view finder of your camera.
  • You will need to watch the histogram on the back display of your camera, and take extra pictures using exposure compensation and/or flash exposure compensation to move the histogram graph into the center.
  • After downloading your pictures, process them in a Adobe Photoshop CS6 program and combine the picture exposed for the darker tones with the one exposed for the lighter tones.

The result will be as you see above with both the Christmas tree and the light in the upper window both correctly exposed! Beautiful! Now, are you pleased?

Why Not Take Some Pictures of the Ornaments on the Tree Too!

photo of a Christmas tree

Capiz shell star with light behind

photo of a Christmas tree

Resin of an old Father Christmas

photo of a Christmas tree

A sparkly ball blown glass

Photo of a Christmas tree

A grandchild’s hand print treasure

photo of a Christmas tree

violin replica ornament

photo of a Christmas tree

Handmade blown glass

photo of a Christmas tree

celestial heavens ball

photo of a Christmas tree

A tapestry ornament

photo of a Christmas tree

three balls on a strand

photo of a Christmas tree

Mt. St. Helene ball

photo of a Christmas tree

three glass bells

photo of a Christmas tree

cherub inside a bell

photo of a Christmas tree

blue blown glass ornament

photo of a Christmas tree

A “NOEL” sleigh

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Remember, keep taking lots and lots of photographs of your kids. You will be glad you did!

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  1. I did take some, because I remember my childhood Christmas trees being such a special part of Christmas too. I tried drawing the town Christmas tree in the rain once and I was quite pleased with how that came out. I like how you’ve really captured the glow of the lights in your close up photos of the ornaments. I tried taking some close up photos of mine too, but a lot of them came out blurred. Looks like I need to master the settings on my camera and have another go with your tips next year. They look helpful – thanks!
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