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“Too Much Kissing” available in watercolor on canvas

Hang This Picture . . .Then Baby Will Want To Play The Game!

The watercolor on canvas picture above entitled “Too Much Kissing!” is intended to spontaneously provoke little children and their parents and grandparents into beginning to play a baby game that is a lot of fun for them and the adults! Love and closeness is reinforced with this tactile game, and babies relish playing it.

Teach your little one the “Eskimo Kiss” (touching noses), the “Butterfly Kiss” (eyelashes fluttering together), kiss on the cheek, and vary with a kiss on the mouth when no colds or other illnesses are present.  Play a game that you invent with them varying the different kinds of  “kisses.” As you will discover, the baby game does not have to be perfectly orchestrated to delight your baby.

Encourage The Many Wonderful Benefits Of Playing Baby Games!

In the article “The benefits of playing games with children”

Rebecca Livermore

she has outlined many important things to consider as to why you would want to begin to play games with children from the time that they are little babies. Here are a few to consider:

“Most children have a love for games from the time they are very young. In fact, even infants, toddlers and preschoolers enjoy simple games such as peek-a-boo and patty cake and often laugh and squeal with delight when playing such games.

Though games are fun, playing games with children provide more benefits than simple entertainment, particularly when parents play games together with their children.

Games Promote Family Fun and Togetherness

Strengthened family relationships are one of the most important benefits of game play between parents and children. Children thrive when their parents spend time interacting with them and game provide a great opportunity for interaction between all family members.

A regular weekly game night that consists of games and fun food is a great way to strengthen family ties and bonds between all members of the family. As family members get together and talk, laugh and yes even compete against each other, fun memories are made and relationships are deepened.

Children who play games from the time they are young will likely grow up enjoying games and will be more likely to enjoy playing games with family and friends even as teens and young adults.

Games are an excellent way to teach patience and good sportsmanship, motor and listening skills, concentration, and academics. They are also a way to improve family relationships.”


Who Or What Do You Want Your Kids To Be Attached To?

To get you started about where to go from here, take a long look at this  “List of traditional children’s games” from Wikipedia.

Remember, times are changing, . . . and if we as grandparents and parents of little and young children don’t make a great effort to keep connected to our kids, we may be greatly disappointed someday when they spend most of their time deeply engrossed with an electronic device while mostly ignoring us.

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Remember, keep taking lots and lots of photographs of your kids. You will be glad you did!

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