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Teddy Bear “Timothy” watching a slow moving turtle available in watercolor on canvas

In the realm of little children and teddy bear art, you have the ability to decorate your child’s room or nursery while creating a safe haven that gets your precious little one away from the madness of the world.

A Teddy Bear Named “Timothy” Once Belonged To Me

I would like to introduce Timothy, who is an artist teddy bear who was a part of my teddy bear collection for many years until I found him always “getting into trouble” while entertaining the other bears and stuffed animals with his antics. In this canvas art watercolor, I caught Timothy playing with a little green turtle that belonged to another Teddy Bear in my collection.

Even Teddy Bears Take Things That Don’t Belong To Them

Needless to say, you know how it is when one of your children takes something that belongs to another child without getting permission. Now, you have to stop what you were doing and spend time sorting out the problem between them. Sometimes, this is not very satisfying for anyone including yourself, and the kids, because no one ends up being happy.

Now, you can’t do this with your children, but you see I had too many teddy bears to care for, so if one of them is a trouble maker, well, maybe it’s time for him to be given to someone else who can keep him in line. After all, I didn’t want Timothy to grow up to be a bad influence on the adult teddy bear society, so I gave him to my former pastor in the ministry of the gospel who’s first name was also “Timothy.”

Now that Timothy is in his new home in Carthage, Missouri, and under the strict supervision of his namesake pastor, I have not received any bad reports about him. And, so I am quite convinced that teddy bear “Timothy” is now growing up with the kind of love and additional attention that he needed.

Here Is Extra Direction In Helping Young Children Understand Their World

Just like with the teddy bears, if you have a child who needs extra help in growing up, you, as a loving parent will seek out and get that extra help for them.

Teddy Bear Art Prints On Canvas Are A Wonderful Way To Get Started

Teddy Bear Art on canvas is a wonderful starter as a theme for decorating a child’s room. And, Timothy musing about this little green turtle parading slowly past him can be the beginning of many delightful stories between you and your child.

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