How Leather Photo Albums Safely Preserve and Display Photographs Of Your Kids

Hi, Betty A. Muscott, Child Photographer here.

As a professional photographer I have a lot of photographs, and I needed a way to display the photographs of children which I had taken. But at the same time I needed to make sure that the integrity of the photographs would be preserved over time. And so…

Leather Albums Are The Best Choice

I use leather albums to hold my most precious photographs, and they do a great job because they are stiff to keep the photographs from being bent, and they are strong to prevent damage from dropping or other hazards. In addition, they have a great look, can be stored in a bookcase and will not be damaged by a lot of people looking through them. Elegant and functional, these albums are a wonderful choice for storing great photographs.

These top-grain antiqued leather photo albums feature ornate, beautiful gold tooling on their covers and spines. Each of the four colors features a distinct tooling pattern, created by hand, on the cover and repeated down the spine.

But what about larger images?…

Child Photography Leather Albums

Child Photography Leather Albums

Oversized Photos Require Oversized Albums

Child Photography Oversize Leather Album

Child Photography Oversize Leather Album

When I take a particularly good photograph I like to have it blown up into an 8X12 size, but this size takes a much larger album. One great choice I have found is the Oversize Presidential Leather Album from Exposures. With great looks and solid construction it can protect even my most important photographs.
This album can be personalized, is rugged and its clean lines make it attractive as well. With Oversized Photo Page Sheet Protectors your photos are sure to be safe for years to come. Goldtone 4-ring photo album holds up to 40 4-ring pocket pages, up to 480 photos. The deep, rich colors, matching moiré lining and superb gold detailing will make this your favorite leather photo album for years to come.
But what to do if I want to brag about my kids?…

Brag Books Are A Great Way To Show Off Your Latest Photos

So you are out and about, and run into some friends. You stop to tell them all about your kids or grandkids, and you just happen to have a “brag book” with you to show them the latest photographs of your loved little ones. At 7 ¼” x 5 ½” in size holding some 40 4″ x 6″ prints you are well prepared. Get one for yourself – they come in black or red, and are perfect to brag about your very own kids!

Store Those Photographs Properly!

OK, so now I have all these great photographs, I have the albums – now what?

First, be sure and back them up onto Archival CDs
icon. Regular cds will rust over time, and you could lose your images from them. You will be surprised at the number of photographs you take, so be sure and save them all right away when you download them onto your computer from your camera. Before you forget, burn them onto an archival cd so that you will never lose them, even if your computer crashes.

Archival CDs For Photo Storage

Archival CDs For Photo Storage


Next, you need to put the printed photographs in archival quality storage Photo Pages. I recommend that you get the Double Weight Photo Pages which come in the sizes you need and want:

Why ExposuresOnline?

I have worked with Exposures for many years, and I can tell you that they have great customer service. With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you can’t go wrong. Plus, several times each year they will send you a coupon for 25% OFF for one day only for non-sale items – a really GREAT deal! And, to make things even better, they have partnered with Shutterfly Online Photo Service to help get you a great deal on your prints!

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