Fall Leaves And Children

October 31, 2009

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The Fall Leaves and Pictures of Children

It’s late October in Michigan and if you have leaves in your yard to rake and young children or grandchildren around, you would be well advised to take advantage of this setting, and use it at as an opportunity to create some picture memories that may never come again!

My grandchildren are getting bigger now, and the interest and excitement that they displayed about playing in the leaves when they were very little has waned. They have their own ideas now about what to do with their time, and I have found that if you have to push them too hard to do something, you are not likely to get good pictures anyway.

In addition to that, the weather in Michigan does not cooperate every year so that the leaves are nice and soft and fresh when they fall on the ground. Everything changes fast after we have had that first hard frost. The leaves turn into their beautiful fall colors of yellow, red, orange, and brown, and then “hang on” to the trees until it starts raining, or the wind blows strongly, or we even get “snow.” If we are very lucky, we may get one or two days of beautiful soft leaves to rake or blow into a pile for the kids to play in that isn’t soaking wet and cold!

Another Great Shot To Share With Family & Friends

Another Great Shot To Share With Family & Friends

My point is to make you aware of the “short window of opportunity” that you have with young kids and the weather and the leaves to be able to photograph some very special memories. The weather changes fast and little kids grow up fast too!

And so, be prepared and keep your Canon digital SLR camera ready to go when the weather is just right and the leaves are falling. Think about dressing your little ones in something complimentary to these fall colors, rake up a soft leaf pile, turn the little ones loose, and begin to take those pictures.

If you would like to pick up a few tips, I would invite you to go to “My Portfolio” and on each picture when you click on it; I have tried to give a little information to help you. If you are looking to capture a picture to put on canvas there is one really important thing that I have learned, and that is that you will most likely want to have your picture have your child’s entire body in it, while showing the activity they are engaged in.

Print Children\'s Free Spirit On Canvas For Your Home

Print Children's Free Spirit On Canvas For Your Home

This will make it more interesting for displaying in a special place in your home, or as a gift for a loved one. Have some fun and laughter with the little ones in the leaves this fall, and come away with a treasure to keep and to share!

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer


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