Portraits or Scenes?

May 4, 2010

My wife asked me to write this post because we were having a conversation about photographing children as we were driving to church on Sunday, and I had some questions. You see, when Betty takes photographs, she takes a lot of photographs!

And, more often than not, she wants to show them all to me. As we were looking through one of her collections I noticed that some of the photographs stood out a lot more than the rest. As I looked at them I tried to understand what made one photograph catch my imagination while others just seemed blase’.

So, she had me sort out those that appealed to me and those that seemed quite ordinary. It quickly became apparent what the difference was.

Child at play

Child at play

The ones that seemed ordinary are what she calls “Portraiture” while the ones I liked were really “Scenes.” The difference was that with portraiture the child(ren) were looking straight at the camera while with scenes the child(ren) were doing something and seemed unaware of the photographers presence.

Notice the photograph on the right. It has a lot of interest to it, and as you look at it you wonder what this young boy is thinking about as he applies chalk to these driveway bricks. He is very focused and intent on the project at hand, and the image evokes emotion as I look at it.

To me this kind of photograph is much more interesting than one where the child is simply looking right at the camera. More important, this image offers the possibility of being rendered into an art form in PhotoShop and then pictures printed on canvas like these that my wife has taken.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you can see the differences too!


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