Try This Free Photo Shop Idea On Your Next Child’s Portrait

free photo shop
Picture taken in the RAW and processed in Photo Shop. Exposure adjusted for normal exposure brightness. See same picture below reprocessed in Photo Shop.

Grand Parents: Have Some Fun With Photographing Those Grand Kids; Get Creative!!

For grand parents, who love their grand children, and are also have a creative side, here is a blog post that will give you a quick, and easy free photo shop idea to use in your planning of your next photo session with your beautiful grand kid(s).

This portrait of little two year old Piper was taken in my home studio. A little home studio is very easy to set up, and use. Please take a look at how to set one up in my recent blog post: Here I explain how to get your grand kid ready for a wonderful experience for both of you!

First of all, it is very important that you take your pictures in the RAW to be able to take advantage of this photo shop idea. So get out your Canon digital SLR camera and attach your external Speedlite carefully to the hot shoe on the top. Be very gentle as you do this, because rough handling can cause the hot shoe connection between the camera and the Speedlite to fail. Next turn on your Canon camera and in the menu in the display in the back of the camera body, set up the camera to take the images in the RAW. If it is unclear to you how to do this, please reference your camera manual. Canon cameras are very intuitive and easy to remember how to use.

Creative Grand Parents Really Need A Photo Shop Program. . .

After your photo session with your grand child, download your images to your computer, and begin processing them from the RAW to a JPEG image in a Photoshop program. If your original image was taken with good proportions of light surrounding it, then you can also easily create a second image, from one that you really like, by processing the image again in Photoshop. However, this time you should slightly under expose it thereby creating a different mood for the picture from the first one. The under exposure is the only change that you should have to make, other than to convert it once again from the RAW to a JPEG.

free photo shop

This is the same image from above, but processed again in Photo Shop by slightly under exposing the image, thus creating two images from one, each with a different mood or feeling to it.

free photo shop

My little “home studio,” easily duplicated by you!

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Remember, keep taking lots and lots of photographs of your kids. You will be glad you did!

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