How Often Should You Take Pictures Of Children?

pictures of children

“Piper,” one year ago!


My, what a difference a year makes! She’s growing like a weed! That’s how we adults really feel the passage of time; we’re shocked at the changes kids make between the times that we see them. It makes us really pause to treasure the time that we do get with these little ones, because something tells us that it won’t last that long!

And, it can make us recognize that it is important to take pictures of our children and grand children often, so that we can refresh our memories during the intervals of their life and after they have grown. So, how often do you think that you need to take pictures of your child?

Here is a Guide to How Often You Should Take Pictures of Children, to Consider:

  • Nearly every day the first two months after they are born.
  • Every week for months two through twelve.
  • Every two weeks for ages one through five.
  • Once or twice a month for ages five through age 7 years.
  • Once a month for ages 7 through 10.
  • At least once every three months for ages 10-17 years.
  • As they will allow it from age 17 years forward.

Following a schedule such as this one should give you enough pictures of them that you won’t feel that you have really missed out on this opportunity. Of course, for those of us who really value children, there never is enough pictures of them, when you are looking back. You will always wish that you had taken the time to get more pictures of them. Please don’t misunderstand that I mean for each time you take pictures of kids, to include several pictures that try to capture different expressions, and different levels of composition.

An Unintended Consequence Might Be That You Will Get An Added Benefit. . .

However, there is an added benefit to using this schedule (or a schedule like it), and that benefit is that the kids will get very used to having you take their picture. It will become very natural and comfortable for them to be around a camera.

I admit, that as a grand mother, I have set up a little home studio in order to get these “portrait” type of shots, but I really prefer the more natural “Real Kids” look in my pictures of the little ones. If you spend all of your time trying to pose them, you will miss capturing the “essence of the child’s spirit.” And that is what will make your picture a work of art to admire and to share!

pictures of children

“Piper” one year later!

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Remember, keep taking lots and lots of photographs of your kids. You will be glad you did!

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