Memory Storage

May 17, 2010

Have you ever been confused when purchasing memory storage for your digital camera? Do you need to spend more money and purchase the memory storage device with the largest capacity, or does it matter at all?

Memory cards are used to store your digital images for you so that you can view them later, or download them from your camera into your computer. There are 4 main types of memory cards in use today:

Digital Camera Memory Cards

Digital Camera Memory Cards

The more memory you have the more images you can store when you are taking photographs. Some memory cards are specific to certain cameras. For example, the Memory Stick is for Sony products, while other memory devices can be used on a variety of cameras.

The most widely used type of memory card is the Compact Flash type. This is also the largest memory card, which is not an issue for digital SLR cameras, but it can be for compact digital cameras due to their size. However, the smaller Secure Digital cards are becoming more common in digital SLR cameras as the camera manufacturers work to reduce the weight of their cameras and save space for other devices.

Memory cards come with different storage capacities, and because file sizes are increasing in size you should always select the largest capacity card that you can afford. A 16 gigabyte card is a reasonable option for most cameras.

Another issue to consider when purchasing memory cards is the speed with which they write image data from the camera. This will also depend upon the speed of your camera’s processor and the file format used to capture the images. The faster the memory card the better, as this will enable you to capture the next image quicker.

Always be careful when handling memory cards and be sure to take an extra along with you in case you fill your card up and still want to take more pictures.

Remember, keep taking lots and lots of photographs of your kids. You will be glad you did!

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer

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