Use Photos On Canvas To Decorate Your Home And Office

Welcome, Betty Muscott Child Photographer here.

Isn’t technology great? I remember when we thought slides were wonderful; we could project the images on a screen and see them large as life. The next thing I knew we were in the digital age faster than light speed and technology exploded, giving us the opportunity to use our photographs in ways we never imagined. And we do…

Why Not Use Them To Chronicle Our Lives?

We have the opportunity to take any of those photos, whether film or digital, and create some truly incredible works of art that will last more than a lifetime. In years gone by families would hire painters to create portraits to hang on the walls, and later photographers to take family photos to adorn the piano, so why not continue that tradition with art of your own today? Well, you can…

Create Beautiful Art With Your Very Own Photographs!

Today any of those photographs can be made into a work of art by printing those pictures on canvas! With so many styles and options available you can create a unique piece of art to hang in that special place in your home or office. Think how the grandparents would love a special photo printed on canvas as a gift showing their grandchild from an adventure they all shared. For example, look at these images which I modified in PhotoShop and printed on canvas:

Great Photo Moments Printed On Canvas

Great Photo Moments Printed On Canvas

By the way, you can purchase copies of these photographs on canvas for your own home or office – simply send me an email me and I will forward the details to you right away!

Vibrant colors, incredible memories, beautiful art to decorate a special room or wall. But there’s more…

Create a “WOW” Collage of Pictures On Canvas

Some photos are worth showing off to the world as much as possible, especially those really special images of your kids. You know the ones: the adorable smile of your baby looking up from your arms, the special first birthday, that memorable school play and I could go on! Albums are great for storing photos, but let’s be honest – there are some that just need to be shown off! Just imagine a stunning collage of your kids in their bedroom, or a 3 or 4 panel PhotoSplit spanning the wall in the living room, or creating a piece of pop art to hang in your home. Sure, you could print the photo out and stick in it a frame, but printing a photograph on canvas creates a completely different effect altogether.
With a canvas picture, you become the artist. You can choose different effects, sizes, and formats to transform that great image into something really unique and special. For the finishing touch you can even choose which style of frame you want for your canvas print to bring it to life on your wall.

Collage of photos on canvas

Collage of photos on canvas

Hand Sketch Your Photograph Into A Pop Art Piece

Pop Art On Canvas

Pop Art On Canvas

With this option artists transform your photos into striking pop art which becomes a one of the kind piece of artwork. Transforming your print onto canvas provides a great opportunity to let your creative juices flow, and to design something unique to you and your family for everyone to enjoy.
These gallery wrapped pieces of art are designed by an internationally renowned artist with three FREE design previews BEFORE you purchase!
Listen to what one customer had to say: “My friends are raving about this photo. Thanks,! Our engagement picture looks so much cooler on this canvas.”
Irene, Assistant Editor, Working Mother Magazine

Create Large Split Panel Canvas Photos For Dramatic Effect

So you have a great photograph of your family and you have moved into a new home or are redecorating your present home. Rather than go out and spend a fortune on someone else’s art, why not take your photograph and have it printed on canvas. have your photograph can be printed on 3 or 4 panels in varying sizes to create an interesting collage sure to brighten any room of the house. These split panels are great conversation pieces, and take some of your best photographs and make them into a dazzling piece of art suitable for decorating any wall.
Most people hang PhotoSplits® with a space between the panels. There is no wrong answer with regard to the distance between panels. Two or three inches between panels is the norm, but they can look great with lots of space in between. For your convenience we include a set of “beehive” honeycomb hangers that makes hanging multiple panels in an exact straight line with even spacing a very simple process.

Photos On Canvas Split Into Quarters

Photos On Canvas Spilt Into Quarters

Now You Know What To Do, Here Is Where To Get It Done!

Canvas On Demand is the premier web site to convert your pictures onto canvas. Why? Because I have experienced their customer service, and can tell you it is amazing. Better yet, they have a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the canvas print, simply cut a 3″ by 5″ swatch of the canvas off, mail it in with a completed form, and you will receive a full refund.

Canvas Art At The Click Of A Button!

Grab your best photos, go to Canvas on Demand and your very own work of art will be on it’s way to your door tomorrow! With $20 OFF any order $ 200 or more can you afford to wait any longer? Simply head on over to Canvas on Demand and use Code PF0208 at checkout – you won’t be disappointed!

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