Create an Easy System For Archival Photograph Storage

January 14, 2010

The fun part of photography is undoubtedly taking the photographs and then creating beautiful prints with them. The dull but essential bit is making sure that your images are safely stored, so that they will last for the rest of your life and beyond. Backing up your photographs is often the last thing you feel like doing after a busy day out with the family. You can make it a lot easier for yourself if you create a simple and effective system for archival photograph storage.

For digital images one of the best storage methods is using special archival quality CDs and DVDs. These CDs are made of long lasting materials that are less liable to corrosion than regular CDs, so will protect the images saved on them for a very long time. So the first step to creating an easy storage solution is to buy a good stock of archival quality CDs and keep them close at hand, so that there is always one available.

Your back up CDs will soon mount up, so for dust free long term storage you will need a neat storage system to put them into. The first option is to purchase a set of CD storage boxes. It is best to buy from a photographic storage specialist so that you can be sure that the boxes are made of acid free materials. They will probably also come with corrosion protective sleeves too. Stack these boxes on shelves near your computer and it will be a simple task to back up your photos and just pop the latest CD into the storage box.

Another option is to store your archival CDs in pocket sleeves in album style ring binders, in which case you should again make sure that the sleeves are acid free and corrosion resistant.

Buy yourself a special acid free pen to label each CD with the date and subject matter of the photo files saved.

If you can just get yourself into the habit of backing up and storing your photos safely, you will have peace of mind that your photos are well protected. You’ll be able to access the photos easily at any time and won’t be caught short by your computer crashing and losing al your precious photos.

It’s up to you how often you back up your photos. If you take a lot of photos regularly you will probably want to burn a CD every week, but if you take just a few photos every now and then, you might not feel it is worth using a CD for just a few images. In that case back up the photos anyway, but onto a separate drive of your computer, a memory stick or an external hard drive. Collect your photos into a back up file over a certain period and then burn a CD once you have enough photos to make it worth while.

Of course if you take a really special photo that you would hate to lose, then burn it onto a CD straight away and never mind the wasted space… a precious photo of your baby’s first smile, or a once in a lifetime family reunion, is irreplaceable and you want to make sure it is as securely protected as possible.

Mum and Photographer

Mum and Photographer

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