June 2009 Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                                                                                 CONTACT: Betty A. Muscott
DATE: June 22, 2009                                                                                                                                               PHONE: 866-440-2461

Real Kids Photography Launches New Site with Free E-book

Real Kids Photography announced today that they are launching a new website and offering a free report via an E-book titled, The Six Essential Tips Everyone Should Know When Photographing Children. The E-book is written by Real Kids, LLC owner and life-long child photographer, Betty A. Muscott.

The free E-book can be obtained by visiting www.realkidsphotography.com and clicking on the appropriate box. Within minutes you will have all the information you need to educate yourself on how to improve your photography skills and get the natural expressions you want for quality photos of your children. Totally free, the only thing necessary to receive the E-book is your first name and email address. You will then receive email confirmation, and can download the book immediately to read at your convenience.

The free E-book provides valuable lessons learned and taught by Betty A. Muscott, who has been taking children’s photographs for many years. The oldest of five children growing up on a dairy farm in Michigan, Muscott earned money babysitting in order to purchase the first thing she ever really wanted in life – a camera. At that very moment, a young aspiring photographer was born. Muscott has taken thousands of children’s photographs since then and has learned something new with each one. Her free E-book will assist you in doing the same.

Twenty first century technology and digital photography have given Muscott new avenues to create, educate and share the art of photographing children. Both the free E-book and blog available on the new website are just a couple of those new avenues. Also available is a bi-weekly feature that will provide you with photography tips that will increase your ability to make better pictures of your children.

“This free E-book will assist people in making quality photographs of their children now, so they can both enjoy them in the future,” said Muscott. “Learning how to photograph children is an excellent way to preserve generations of fond memories and family history, and this makes for a great deal of joy.”

The new website, in addition to the free E-book, offers information on free photo contests, ways to use these precious photographs to create personalized gifts and tips on finding the right digital camera to meet your photography needs. You will also learn about an excellent photography course which allows you to experiment with a free demonstration of the digital interactive photography course. The website is a one-stop shopping photography venue.

In business since 2005, Real Kids Photography is located at “The Cozy Forest”, 4234 Driftwood Drive, DeWitt, Michigan. To receive your free E-book and learn more about the services Real Kids Photography offers you can call toll-free 1-866-440-2461or visit their website at www.realkidsphotography.com.


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