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Hello, Betty Muscott, Child Photographer here.

A Short History of Film Cameras

Back in 1978 I discovered a great company to send my film to for processing called Seattle Film Works. It was a wonderful company that created beautiful prints of my child photography subjects, and they would return the prints with another roll of film – FREE! With great customer service and quality products I was a very happy customer. But then…

The Digital Age

Its 1994 and the first consumer digital cameras hit the market while film processing and film cameras quickly became old hat. Now it has become possible to quickly see your digital photographs and upload them onto a computer for processing. At first the photographs would be stored on Floppy disks, then CDs, but in 1999 PhotoWorks.com launched its online scanning and storage service for digital images. And the photography world changed…

Online Photo Storage, Sharing and Personalized Gifts Arrive!

Now you can have those great photographs of your children safely uploaded to the best trusted, established website with FREE membership, stored and available to share with family and friends. You can easily use them to create personalized gifts like jewelry or office items like mugs and mouse pads that you will enjoy looking at while you work! Imagine, your first child arrives, the excitement is unbearable, you have taken some incredible photographs of the new arrival and you want to share your excitement! Well, you can, and in incredible ways. For example you could create a photo album, birth announcement, brag books for grandma, a calendar or a beautiful storage box with baby’s picture on top to store baby’s first treasures. This collection is called the “Noah’s Ark Suite”:

Baby Photo Announcements

Baby Photo Announcements

What a great way to share your joy!

And then time starts to accelerate as your child quickly passes through one stage of development after another! And be quick – take lots of photographs before the moments are gone forever. There are many great ideas on how to use your child’s photographs to create custom gifts for their loved ones. And then…

Create Beautiful Personalized Photo Gifts with Your Very Own Photographs!

Life becomes busy and hectic, the photographs of your children multiply as you photograph each new birthday or memorable event in their lives, and you find the images scattered throughout your computer. It is time to upload and organize all of those wonderful photographs on your FREE account again. You can then use those online photos to create personalised cards or customized note pads or send them to family and friends with photomail.


Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays quickly come and the pressure to get the perfect gift comes. But wait, you have all of those great photographs of your child! Why not create a gift that is sure to please, like a personalized photo album full of precious moments? Give Grandpa a personalized photo album with a picture of Grandpa and grandchild on the cover, filled with great photographs of the two of them interacting together.
But there’s more…

Creative, Unique & Personalized Photo Books

Creative, Unique & Personalized Photo Books

All Grown Up – Create Personalized Photo Graduation. Engagement Or Wedding Invitation Cards

Personalized Wedding Invitations

Personalized Wedding Invitations

And now a new family is started and the whole process begins again. Your child is starting their own family, and they want to create a history of this new family to integrate with the history of the old family. Once again your photographs provide the source for unique invitations to the blessed event. And afterwords you will want to share photos with friends and family.
Great memories are captured with your camera and your photographs are used to share your lives with family and friends.

What a great way to record your family history!

Why Photoworks.com?

Through the years I have grown right along with Seattle Film Works to Photoworks, and the same quality exists today as it did back in 1978. Customer service is still first class, and all of my prints are on Kodak PerfectTouch processing which gives me the quality I need at a great price!

With FREE MEMBERSHIP, great premiums like 25 FREE Prints for joining you can get your favorite photographs on the net, shared with friends and family and purchase beautiful enlargements through a VeriSign and TRUSTe Certified privacy web site delivered right to your front door!

Act Now and Get 25 FREE Prints!

If you join now you will get 25 FREE prints just for joining. Better yet, when you place your first order you will discover that immediately after you place an order your will receive a cool discount code to apply on your next order! Why wait? With free prints and great service how could you lose?

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer

Betty Muscott, Child Photographer


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