In Any Country Putting Photos On Canvas Is The Perfect Gift.

Some of our good friends from when my husband and I worked at camp are getting married in Canada this winter. The wedding is actually on Christmas Eve, but thankfully they are having a second reception in New York for all of their state side friends who don’t want to leave their families on the holiday to fly into Montreal. Even so I feel a little bad about missing the ceremony so I’m putting some photos on canvas so at least our gift will be there for the nuptials.

After raiding the camp photo albums I came across a great picture of the two of them cuddling by the lake. The website I usually use charges extra to ship outside the United States, and shipping it to me first seemed silly so I scouted around for a Canadian counterpart.

I found a delightful little one that started a few years ago as a mom and pop store and has expanded on the internet to serve all of Canada. They offer all the services I expected including great brush strokes that made the photo I sent really pop off of the canvas with the depth of an oil painting. They even made the gallery wrapped edge match the hint of sunrise that was in the background of the picture.

I recently read that personalized canvases are rapidly becoming the top choice of people looking for the perfect gift. I can see why, its like taking a memory, making it the best it can possibly be and gift wrapping it. If you happen to be in possession of a photo or image that you want to share with someone you care for, canvas is the way to go. It’s simple, elegant, and easy to display.

With the holidays on their way and everyone I know eager to get a picture of my handsome little boy, my shopping is ninety percent done. I should ask if I can get a discount on large multiple orders. In fact, I plan to get my artificial tree set up right after Thanksgiving so I can prop out some really cute photos for Christmas.

No matter what holiday or event you are celebrating, when family and friends are getting together it is not only the best time to share memories, it is inevitable. Bring some photos with you, it doesn’t matter if it’s a gift or a brag book, words will never do justice to a great picture, not even a thousand of them. Plan ahead, or just grab some off of the fridge, and use your photographed memories to inspire some fresh ones during your special holidays.

Mother and Photographer

Mother and Photographer

Christy Higby

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