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August 25, 2009

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Taking photos of your kids is great fun and with digital cameras you can snap away to your heart’s delight, without worrying about the cost. But then comes the realization that all these photos are sitting unseen on your computer and suddenly there is the pressure on you to do something with them. You want to share them with your family and create photo albums with them, so that everyone can see them online.

Sometimes though the sheer number of pictures you’ve taken can overwhelm you. There are far too many to e-mail individually to all your family and you want to tell the stories that go with them. Today you can kill two birds with one stone: online photo sharing services allow you to build a photo album with the photos you’ve uploaded to their site, adding captions and laying out your photos into a beautiful printable photo book. You can then email the photo book to your family, so they can flip through the pages online. If they want to they can order a physical copy of your photo album for themselves.

When I was a teenager I used to spend hours making up my photo albums, carefully sticking in the latest prints and captioning them. As a mother of three children though, I found I never had the time to put together albums. My eldest son has a baby album, but the two girls just have a scattering of prints of them as babies, a few enlargements that we framed. The rest are sitting on my computer or on CDs, waiting to be printed out. If only this online photo album service had been around when they were babies! It’s far easier to work with photos on your computer, than to have scissors, double-sided tape and a mass of glossy prints spread out over a table-top when there are toddlers on the loose!

This photo sharing service also means that you can put together photo albums with creative input from your family. This is perfect if you want to create a photo book to commemorate an important family occasion. You can put together a first draft with your photos and send it to the rest of your family for feedback. They can edit it and send it back to you. Or each member of the family can customize it and have their album printed the way they want it.

So use an online photo sharing service for more than just a back up, or a place to share your images. Use it as a platform to create gorgeous photo albums, with very little effort and keep them up-to-date, so that your younger kids won’t ask you one day, “Mom, where is my baby album?”
I think I’d better get to work right now!

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