Canon Rebel 12.2 mp Digital Camera Review

October 17, 2009

This review of the XSi, the Canon Rebel 12.2 mp Digital camera, will discuss why this camera is ideal for travel and on the spot pictures. Two main reasons, I think, that this is so versatile is the enhanced ability to take pictures in low light and the Highlight Tone Priority feature.

Low Light
When reading many reviews you may come across the term ISO. ISO indicates how sensitive the image sensor is to the amount of light present. To take pictures in low light, when a flash is not an option, you need a higher ISO. The Canon XSi has a dedicated button to change the ISO manually or in Auto Mode this will be done for you. If you have ever seen pictures that appear dotty, this is a result of what is referred to as noise. The higher the ISO then more noise you will receive in the picture. Canon has improved upon this situation with the XSi, which has extremely little noise at high ISO. This means better-quality pictures even if your pictures are enlarged. Top this improvement off with an Image Stabilization lens that is offered in a XSi kit or can be purchased separately. Canon does not include image stabilization in the camera itself. When shooting in low light your shutter speeds slows if the camera is moved even slightly the picture can blur. The Image Stabilization feature helps control the camera shakes.

High Tone Priority
The High Tone Priority allows for better detail of the highlights in a bright picture where there is contrasting light. Digital cameras have had a problem in this area. When taking a picture in a sunlit space you have shadows and highlights. The shadows and highlights lose their details. The shadows details can be enhanced when using photo editing software. The highlights details are lost and cannot be brought back. Canon has up the limits that can capture the highlights. For example, if you take a picture of a view with bright sunlight. The sky can appear white when taken with some cameras. The Canon XSi captures the blue of the sky. This feature is great when you have only one chance to take the picture, such as when traveling. Outdoor portraits will benefit from this feature. The picture still will have contrasts and can be edited with photo software. The camera’s shooting speed is not effected when this is enabled. The High Tone Priority is off by default when it comes from Canon.

These are the few notable features that will keep the Canon XSi high on your consideration list.

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